I just, about twenty minutes ago, made a Twitter account for the first time. I have absolutely no idea what is really going on. I am not very good with social networking sites. I use Facebook, usually to talk to family or play games. I think Twitter can be a wonderful experience, if I eventually understand it.

If anybody has any advice, or important tweets for me to follow, just let me know. Please, any help would be, well, helpful.



Creativity Through The Fingers

When I feel emotional, no matter which emotion I am feeling, I try to do some creative writing.

This is something that others I know do also. You can write out your fantasies or you can write about your real life. Sometimes, I even have my brother or mom read them and tell me how to improve, what they would want/expect to happen next, or if I should just change subjects.

Currently, I have been writing three separate stories. I write better when I feel certain emotions so I write different scenes while I am feeling the appropriate emotion.

The first story involves a woman who is alone. I haven’t decided where the story is going yet. I have a few ideas but I still think it is important to consider the possibilities.

The second story is about a couple. The woman had a memory loss of some sort but it is not determined yet. I have an idea for an ending and some of the middle but I have not decided how long I want this to be.

The last story, contrary to the first two, is more for teenagers. It starts about a couple on a date. I think I am going to make the date have been a dream and then make the story go in a supernatural type of story.

I like to tell people that I am writing but nobody ever wants to read what I write, considering I am not a famous author. So, I am telling the internet that I write. And I enjoy writing. And someday, if I publish a book, you knew first, internet.

Harry Potter Fan

As a child, I read and watched as much Harry Potter as I could. I remember on the night before my 11th birthday. I stayed up all night from excitement.

To my disappointment I had not recieved a letter telling me I could go to Hogwarts. Although I knew it wasn’t real, I really wanted to go. So on my 12th birthday I waited again, thinking my letter may just be late. I was wrong. I gave up on that part of my Harry Potter experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Harry Potter books, and as always the books were way better than the movies. I feel like I really connected with all the characters and it was easy to understand.

I am writing this post because I asked my brother what I should blog about this morning and Harry Potter was his answer. We haven’t watched the movies, read the books, or talked about it all in a very long while. I wonder why that was his answer.

Please add any suggestions or comments. Thanks for reading.

Türkçe: Harry Potter kitapları Türkiye baskıları

Türkçe: Harry Potter kitapları Türkiye baskıları (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*~Love to think.

Pokémon Excitement

English: Logo of Pokemon franchise based on DV...

English: Logo of Pokemon franchise based on DVD boxart. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a child, I loved collecting Pokémon cards. At one point I had 10,000, of course many of them were just energy cards. I also had a large collection of the Pokémon movies.

Because of my love for Pokémon and my love for knowledge, I am going to be doing research on the original 150 Pokémon. I am not sure if I will continue past the original 150 but I might. I am going to create an entirely separate blog for this and I hope many people can enjoy it or at least learn something new about the world of Pokémon.

I am a huge nerd sometimes and this is my opportunity to share the nerdiness with the world. Enjoy.

Click here to check out the PokeBlog.

*~Love to think.

Global Warming Not Real Declares College Student

Today in my English class at the college I attend, I was completely baffled by a young girl. (Note that young in this context just means in her teens most likely.) We got our last essay assignment of the semester and began a group learning activity in which we got somewhat familiar with our topic: global warming.

Some people think this topic is controversial, as did this girl. When asked to give her summary of a certain paragraph we were to read, she said she didn’t believe in global warming. The entire class was slightly shocked and the teacher was rendered speechless. When the teacher asked what she meant by that she said that global warming isn’t real and that she didn’t need to read the assignment because of that.

Now I have heard that before but it was from a little kid who said his dad told him that. I understand that some people do not see global warming as a threat, but it is definitely a real climatic change. The Earth does get warmer over time and this has been proven.

This girl (I do not know her name) truly refused to do the reading assignment and really does not believe in global warming. I thought that was immature but what happened at the end of our discussions was truly mind-boggling. We watched a TED Talk that showed proof through time-lapse photography that the ice in places such as Alaska is melting away.

Even after seeing multiple types of proof she suggested that it is all propaganda to divert attention away from the country’s real problems like the economy. -.-

I now feel very unsure about our country’s future if these are the teens we are raising. This is coming from a teen herself.

Here is the TED Talks if you are interested. I love TED Talks and found this to be very fascinating.

*~Love to think.

Lost in Translation

Although I am all for the advancement in technology, that does not mean that I want robots and computers to take over our lives. I believe that individuals have the power to make what they want out of technology advancements.

I love to read books. I prefer to read books rather than e-books. There is a problem with this preference though. It is much easier and cheaper for me to have a library of my own if I use e-books. So I am slowly converting. Borrowing books from the library is great but in all honesty, I like to own my books. I like to feel as if I can read it over and over again, never pay a late fee, and take my time reading. I am very busy and it is hard for me to make time for reading some days.

This issue is something that parents are noticing also. My little brother started high school this year. Half of his textbooks have to be accessed online because it is too expensive for every child to have their own all year long. The economy is just not supporting readers and education at the moment.

Many parents and adults believe that the reason America has become the “fattest country” is because of video games and movies (considered technology). Then they decide that all technology is the problem, including computers, cell phones, etc. This is what really begins to upset me with the world today. The problem is not technology. The problem is the individual or the parents. If a person is of a mature age, then it is his/her fault if he/she is obese due to lack of exercise. If a child is not of mature age, I believe it is the parents fault if they do not like the way a child is. If a child is addicted to video games then the parent should prevent this from happening or going on any further. If a child is obese then maybe the parent should show said child that exercise can be fun.

Technology is not the problem with the world. People are.

*~Love to think.

The Importance of Advancement

Considering this is my first blog on this site, I shall keep this one short and add to it over time. This is also because it is a very broad topic and I have a very strong opinion on it.

I know many people that have this idea that advancements in technology are not important and should be stopped. I completely disagree. The advancements we make in technology are important to the way we advance as a people. The world would not be what it is today if we did not advance in things such as medicine and vehicles. Life would be very difficult. Now, we have the opportunity to make the world a place that everybody can love to live in.

I do not think we should take it as far so that we end up like the people on Wall-e but we do not need to stay at a stand still.

More to come at a later date.

*~Love to think.